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日期: 2014-07-01
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Beautiful appearance

The natural color of bamboo is beautiful, elastic, moisture-proof, mildew free, hard, warm in winter and cool in summer. The curved surface of bamboo is used as the appearance surface, which has a unique charm.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo floor

The advantages of bamboo floor can be seen from the following:

Where is the advantage of bamboo and wood floor? This problem is also a common concern of many decoration families. In view of the low headroom, the bamboo floor market specially introduces the double notched (E-type, F-type) bamboo floor, which can be directly paved without keel, and effectively retains the indoor space. In addition, the bamboo and wood floor are all targeted production. Different water content control is adopted for different places and climate. The advantage of bamboo floor is stability It has excellent performance, and its cracking deformation rate is less than that of solid wood floor. It is the favorite in the international market. The secondary carbonization technology makes the material light, and the bamboo fiber is 'Hollow brick' arrangement, tensile and compressive strength and water-proof performance are greatly improved. As for the problem of moth, after carbonization or high-temperature cooking and other technologies, the materials are de sugared and degreased. Without food insects, they will not reproduce naturally. It's like locking people in a room, and they can't survive by eating cement. In this way, the problem of moth is fundamentally solved. The bamboo floor technology determines the problem The temperature has little influence on it. In the process of making bamboo floor, it has experienced various high temperature links such as commercial temperature cooking (more than 40 degrees), carbonization (175 degrees, high air pressure), hot pressing, UV baking paint, etc. it can be used as geothermal floor only if the technology is sufficient.

Health benefits

First, the bamboo floor has the effect of prevention for various common diseases. Bamboo floor can effectively prevent rheumatoid arthritis and reduce the occurrence of rheumatism and heart disease.

Second, the bamboo floor is healthy for the eyes. Bamboo floor can effectively absorb indoor UV, and the color is light, the light is soft, warm, good for people's vision, can reduce the occurrence of myopia.

Third, the bamboo floor can effectively eliminate fatigue. This is because the bamboo floor has the appropriate elasticity, which can ease the gravity of footsteps, and then make people eliminate fatigue.

Fourth, the bamboo floor is easy to maintain and wipe. Compared with other complex and tedious cleaning methods of wooden floor, bamboo floor can only be dried and wiped with wet cloth or mop, and the installation process is easy and accurate, one-step in place, without painting, labor-saving and time-saving, and the installation is free of waste materials and does not pollute the indoor environment.

Fifth, bamboo floor is natural, environmental friendly and low carbon, which can effectively delay the aging process of human body. After the Hiroshima atomic bomb, even the weeds in the area could not survive for decades, but the next year, bamboo shoots broke through the ground and grew rapidly to form a new bamboo forest. It can be seen that bamboo is a plant with super vitality. Compendium of Materia Medica, a famous medical work in China, also records dozens of different medicinal functions of bamboo, such as sterilization and fire clearing. The bamboo floor made of natural bamboo plays an important role in health care.

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