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日期: 2014-07-01
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Warm in winter and cool in summer

The outstanding advantage of bamboo board floor is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of its low thermal conductivity, bamboo does not grow cool or heat. It is especially suitable for floor and wall decoration in living room, bedroom, gym, study, studio, hotel, etc. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo flooring. According to the color division, bamboo flooring can be divided into two kinds: one is natural color, the color difference is smaller than wood flooring, with rich bamboo grain, and the color is symmetrical; The natural color can be divided into natural color and carbonized color. The natural color is varnish treated surface, the most basic color of bamboo, bright and bright; the carbonized color is flat and elegant, in fact, it is made of bamboo after baking, and clear bamboo grain can still be seen in the dignified and stable. The second is artificial painting, the paint can be mixed into various colors, but the bamboo grain is not obvious; the surface treatment of bamboo floor mostly adopts varnish, bright paint, matt paint and wear-resistant paint.

There are two main structural arrangements of bamboo flooring, i.e. flat pressing and vertical pressing. These two structures are arranged in the bending direction of bamboo 'back-to-back'. The flexibility of bamboo itself is used to balance the shrinkage and expansion rate in different environments.

Long life

In theory, the service life of bamboo floor can reach about 20 years. Correct use and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of bamboo floor. The most important thing in the use of bamboo floor is to keep the indoor dry humidity, because although the bamboo floor is dried, bamboo is a natural material, so it will change with the change of climate. In the dry season, especially when the heating is open, the consumer should adjust the humidity through different methods indoors, and can use a humidifier or put a basin of water on the heating, etc. When it is humid in summer, more windows should be opened to keep the room dry. In addition, the bamboo floor should be protected from sunlight and rain. In case of water, it should be dried in time, and hard object impact, sharp tool scratch and metal friction should be avoided as far as possible. In the daily maintenance of bamboo floor cleaning, you can clean it first, and then wipe it with a wringing towel. If conditions permit, you should also hit the floor wax once within two to three months. The structure of bamboo and wood floor is generally divided into UV paint layer, decorative layer, base material layer and moisture-proof layer, with solid and wear-resistant texture, soft and beautiful color, fresh and natural bamboo grain and pleasant bamboo fragrance.

It is warm in winter and cool in summer, resistant to insects, mildew, cracking, corrosion, wear and deformation. The UV paint on the surface is full and thick, smooth but not slippery, and the board body is waterproof with full sealing paint. The adhesive and UV paint that meet the international environmental protection requirements are non-toxic and harmless to human body, and are green products for home decoration. But the price is between the composite floor and the solid wood floor, the effect is very natural, the maintenance is relatively simple, the deformation rate is relatively small, and the cost performance is better. However, it is not suitable for humid areas, which are prone to mildew in humid environment.

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