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日期: 2014-07-01
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In terms of thickness, because the bending strength of bamboo is higher than that of wood, the 15mm thick bamboo floor has enough bending, compressive and impact strength, and has a good foot feel. Some manufacturers in order to cater to the mentality of consumers, the thicker the better, do not go green, do not go yellow, bamboo plywood, although the thickness of the bamboo floor can reach 17mm, 18mm, but the bonding strength is not good, on the contrary, it is easy to crack. After the bamboo green and yellow on both sides of the bamboo are roughly planed off, the bamboo floor with high quality should be planed precisely to make the bamboo slab glued tightly. The tolerance of thickness and width should be controlled within 0.1mm. The adhesive used to adhere the bamboo slab will also solidify rapidly under the action of high temperature, with a strong degree of gluing. 5. Cooking, bleaching or carbonization

The chemical composition of bamboo is basically the same as that of wood, mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and extract. However, bamboo contains more protein, sugar, starch, fat and wax than wood. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, it is easy to be eroded by insects and fungi. Therefore, after rough planing, bamboo strips need cooking treatment (natural color) or high temperature and high humidity carbonization treatment (coffee color), to remove some sugar, starch and other extracts, and to add insect repellents and preservatives to eliminate insects , the growth of fungi.

When the natural color floor is bleached with hydrogen peroxide at 90 ℃, the bleaching time of the root with different wall thickness is different. 4-5mm3.5h, 6-8mm4h.

The carbon color floor is processed by twice carbonization procedure under high temperature and high pressure.

The secondary carbonization technology can carbonize the eggs, fat, sugar, protein and other nutrients in the bamboo to mak

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