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(1)  Keep the room ventilated and dry

Keep indoor ventilation regularly, not only can make the chemical substances in the floor volatilize as much as possible, but also can make the indoor humid air exchange with the outdoor. Especially in the case of no one to live and maintain for a long time, indoor ventilation is more important. Commonly used method is: often open the window or door, make air convection, or use air conditioning system and air exchange system, so as to create a dry and clean indoor environment.

(2)Avoid sun exposure and rain

In some houses, sunlight or rain can enter the local area of the room directly from the window, which will cause harm to the bamboo floor. Sunlight will accelerate the aging of paint and glue, and cause the floor to dry and crack. After the rain is wet, the bamboo absorbs water and causes expansion and deformation, which will make the floor moldy seriously. Therefore, special attention should be paid in daily use.

(3) Avoid damaging the floor surface

The paint surface of the bamboo floor is not only the decorative layer of the floor, but also the protective layer of the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the impact of hard objects, the scratch of sharp tools, the friction of metals, etc., and the chemicals cannot be stored indoors. In addition, indoor furniture should be handled and moved with care. The feet of furniture should be padded with rubber skin, etc. In public places, the main passageway shall be covered with carpet, etc.

(4) Proper cleaning

In the process of daily use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep the floor clean and sanitary. When cleaning, clean the dust and sundries with a clean broom first, and then manually wipe them with a cloth wringing the water. If the area is too large, clean the cloth mop, and then hang it up to dry the water drops to mop the ground. Never wash with water or clean with a wet rag or mop. If there is any water containing substance splashed on the ground at ordinary times, it shall be wiped dry with a dry rag immediately.

If conditions permit, you can also apply a layer of floor wax at intervals to strengthen the protection of the floor. If the paint surface is damaged, you can use common varnish or ask the manufacturer to repair it.

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