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日期: 2014-07-01
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Bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration material. It is made of natural high-quality bamboo. After more than 20 processes, it takes off the original bamboo pulp, collapses and presses under high temperature and pressure, then goes through multi-layer paint, and finally is dried by infrared ray. Bamboo floor brings a green and fresh wind to the building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after forming. Bamboo floor has the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, giving people a feeling of returning to nature, elegant and refined. It has many characteristics. First of all, bamboo floor replaces wood with bamboo, which has the original characteristics of wood. In the process of bamboo processing, high-quality glue that meets the national standard is used to avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to human body. In addition, the bamboo floor uses advanced equipment and technology to process the original bamboo through 26 processes, and has the natural beauty of the log floor and the ceramic floor tile durable.

According to the surface structure, bamboo floor can be divided into three categories: diameter surface bamboo floor - side pressing bamboo floor; chord surface bamboo floor - flat pressing bamboo floor; recombination bamboo floor. According to the processing method of bamboo floor, it can be divided into natural color bamboo floor and carbonized bamboo floor. The original color of the bamboo is kept in the natural color of the bamboo floor, and the bamboo bars of the carbonized bamboo floor need to be carbonized under high temperature and high pressure to deepen the color of the bamboo pieces and make the color of the bamboo pieces uniform.

Floor is a very important part of home decoration. Whether the appearance of bamboo floor is quiet and delicate color or the tactile enjoyment it brings to people, it is a very suitable home decoration for home life. It gives people a fresh and refined feeling. It is elastic and stable, which is suitable for all ages. And the beautiful natural and delicate appearance color of bamboo floor, which is used for home decoration, is a visual feast. Bamboo floor is processed layer by layer, which is quite different from ordinary floor. Especially in texture and shape, the advantages of bamboo floor are relatively more expensive than ordinary floor in many aspects. Of course, bamboo floor also has the natural advantages of warm winter and cool summer.

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