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日期: 2014-07-01
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Some people like to buy thick floor, in fact, choose solid wood floor, not too long and too wide. In addition, special attention should be paid to processing size, purchase quantity, etc. Different from person to person: according to the economic conditions, area, floor height and length of residence to choose.

1. The processing size shall be accurate: the processing error of wood floor shall be less than plus or minus 0.5mm.

2. The plate surface shall be flat and smooth without obvious knife marks on the front: the tenon groove shall be properly tightened and smooth.

3. The defects of wood shall be limited: the straight lines of genuine wood shall be obvious and parallel, and there shall be no defects such as knot marks, insect eyes, decayed and blunt edges.

4. Wood strength should be adapted to local conditions: choose the strength of the floor, depending on the different parts used.

5. Wood must be dried: the moisture content of wood floor is generally controlled below 15%. Not too long and too wide: the floor is too wide and too long, with large amount of dry shrinkage and wet expansion, which is prone to warpage, deformation and cracking.

6. The purchase quantity should be slightly surplus: generally, 20 square meters of rooms need to add 1 square meter for consumption.

Solid wood floor has always occupied a place in the floor market with its natural simplicity, comfortable use and even collection value. Many people take solid wood floor as the best choice for home decoration floor, and take pride in laying solid wood floor in their own home. And for many 'layman' consumers, the water of the floor industry is also very deep. Therefore, in the purchase of solid wood flooring before, solid wood flooring has a certain understanding will avoid many purchase errors.

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