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What are the advantages and disadvantages of common wood floor types


日期: 2019-08-23
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At present, there are five kinds of common floors on the market, including solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, bamboo wood floor and cork floor. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Follow Xiaobian and look down!

Solid wood flooring

It is formed by drying and processing natural wood, also known as log floor.

There are many kinds of materials for solid wood flooring. Here is a list of the characteristics of solid wood flooring of various materials~


Advantages: it has relatively distinct mountain wood grain and good texture on the touch surface; it has excellent toughness and can be processed into various curved shapes according to needs, which is quite aesthetic; it has solid texture, strong structure of finished products, and long service life; the stability of the floor is relatively good; it is high-grade, suitable for European and Chinese classical style, which is thick and solid, with the dignified and stable mahogany furniture, But the price is lower than mahogany furniture.


Advantages: teak is known as the 'king of ten thousand trees'. It naturally contains very heavy oil, which can prevent moisture, insects and ants. It is also particularly resistant to corruption. Teak has a thousand years of non-corruption. Teak solid wood floor has good stability, and its fragrance has a good effect on the brain nervous system of the middle-aged and old people. The oil spots will gradually fade with the effect of sunlight, the color of the board will be fresh and lasting, and the color will be more beautiful with the extension of time.


Advantages: the two winged bean, also known as the fragrant two winged bean, is commonly known as the Dragon Phoenix sandalwood because its texture is like the body and tail of a dragon. The wood is hard and has a clear and unique texture. It looks like a dragon like a Phoenix. It has a variety of shapes and is full of fun. It is a good symbol. It has a calm color, noble and elegant, red color, and is very suitable for the Chinese classical decoration style.

Disc bean

Advantages: the disc bean floor is dark in color and heavy in weight, catering to the preferences of the Chinese people. The density of the disc bean floor is large, that is, it is relatively hard. There are basically no small pits when it is smashed slightly, so it has a strong anti Strike ability. In the middle grade solid wood floor, the stability of the disc bean floor is better.

Solid wood composite floor

The high-quality solid wood sawing plane is cut into a single surface plate, a core plate and a bottom plate, and then the three kinds of single plates are pasted with glue according to the vertical, horizontal and vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, and pressed into a plate under high temperature, which is divided into three layers and multi layers.


1. Natural wood skin surface, beautiful texture, comfortable foot feel, good insulation performance

2. Wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, strong stability, not easy to deform

3. Easy to lay and take care of


1. High price

2. Gluing and bonding, not as environmentally friendly as solid wood

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