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What is the material of solid wood floor?


日期: 2019-07-09
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1. High grade solid wood floor: red sandalwood / heavy ant wood, teak, Korean pine, maple birch, golden silk wood, beech, rosewood, silver oak, balsam wood bean, etc.

2. Middle grade solid wood floor: Fraxinus mandshurica, tussah, basswood, disc bean, Gemu, red sandalwood with large leaves, newdun bean, heavy yellow gall wood, ash wood, fibrous skin jade core, iron wood, etc.

3. Common solid wood floor: pine, fir, longan, borneol, maple, birch, cork, elm, etc.

What are the grades of solid wood floor?

From May 1, 2002, the national standard GB / t15306-2001 divides the solid wood floor into a, B and C materials. Wood a is mostly in the main part of the tree, with clear grain texture and good physical properties, while wood B and C are mostly at the end or branch of the tree, or the main part with a few defects. Therefore, the service life of material a is much longer than that of material B and material C.

How to choose the size of solid wood floor?

How to choose the size of solid wood floor? There are many sizes of solid wood floor. There are differences between 'positive standard board' and 'non-standard board' in the industry. Pay special attention to the selection. As for the size of solid wood floor, it is widely recognized in the industry: thickness 18.2mm, width 91 (92) - 0.2mm, length 910 + 0.2mm or 760 + 0.2mm. Fit to the above size is 'positive standard plate', otherwise it is called 'non-standard plate', and there is a large price difference between them.

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