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发布时间: 2019 - 08 - 23
At present, there are five kinds of common floors on the market, including solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, bamboo wood floor and cork floor. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Follow Xiaobian and look down!Solid wood flooringIt is formed by drying and processing natural wood, also known as log floor.There are many kinds of materials for solid wood flooring. Here is a list of the characteristics of solid wood flooring of various materials~OakAdvantages: it has relatively distinct mountain wood grain and good texture on the touch surface; it has excellent ...
发布时间: 2019 - 07 - 09
1. High grade solid wood floor: red sandalwood / heavy ant wood, teak, Korean pine, maple birch, golden silk wood, beech, rosewood, silver oak, balsam wood bean, etc.2. Middle grade solid wood floor: Fraxinus mandshurica, tussah, basswood, disc bean, Gemu, red sandalwood with large leaves, newdun bean, heavy yellow gall wood, ash wood, fibrous skin jade core, iron wood, etc.3. Common solid wood floor: pine, fir, longan, borneol, maple, birch, cork, elm, etc.What are the grades of solid wood floor?From May 1, 2002, the national standard GB / t15306-2001 divides the solid wood floor into a, B an...
发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 05
Some people like to buy thick floor, in fact, choose solid wood floor, not too long and too wide. In addition, special attention should be paid to processing size, purchase quantity, etc. Different from person to person: according to the economic conditions, area, floor height and length of residence to choose.1. The processing size shall be accurate: the processing error of wood floor shall be less than plus or minus 0.5mm.2. The plate surface shall be flat and smooth without obvious knife marks on the front: the tenon groove shall be properly tightened and smooth.3. The defects of wood shall...
发布时间: 2013 - 12 - 11
Bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration material. It is made of natural high-quality bamboo. After more than 20 processes, it takes off the original bamboo pulp, collapses and presses under high temperature and pressure, then goes through multi-layer paint, and finally is dried by infrared ray. Bamboo floor brings a green and fresh wind to the building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after forming. Bamboo floor has the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, giving people a feeling of returning to nature, elegant and refined. It has ma...
发布时间: 2013 - 12 - 11
Conventional production process of bamboo floor (366 bamboo floor finishing)Bamboo → cutting → flattening the outer bamboo section → cutting → removing the inner section → planing both sides of the bamboo section (removing the bamboo green and yellow) → cooking (anti insect and anti mildew treatment) or carbonization and coloring treatment → drying → fine planing of the bamboo section → sorting of the bamboo section → gluing → blank assembly → hot pressing and gluing → sanding → cutting at a fixed length → planing all sides (fixed width and back groove) → double end milling (transverse and lon...
发布时间: 2013 - 12 - 11
Warm in winter and cool in summerThe outstanding advantage of bamboo board floor is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of its low thermal conductivity, bamboo does not grow cool or heat. It is especially suitable for floor and wall decoration in living room, bedroom, gym, study, studio, hotel, etc. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo flooring. According to the color division, bamboo flooring can be divided into two kinds: one is natural color, the color difference is smaller than wood flooring, with rich bamboo grain, and the color is symmetrical; The natural color can ...
发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
How to buyThe following methods can be referred to for purchase of bamboo floor: first, look at the surface, whether there is no bubble on the paint, whether it is fresh and bright, whether the slub is too black, whether there is glue line on the surface (a uniform straight line, the machining process is not fine, the hot pressing pressure is not, etc.) and then look around for cracks, whether there are traces of ash. Whether it is clean and tidy is to see whether there is bamboo green and bamboo yellow left on the back and whether it is clean and tidy. After reading everything, we need to che...
发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
1、Keep the room ventilated and dryKeep indoor ventilation regularly, not only can make the chemical substances in the floor volatilize as much as possible, but also can make the indoor humid air exchange with the outdoor. Especially in the case of no one to live and maintain for a long time, indoor ventilation is more important. Commonly used method is: often open the window or door, make air convection, or use air conditioning system and air exchange system, so as to create a dry and clean indoor environment.2、Avoid sun exposure and rainIn some houses, sunlight or rain can enter the local are...
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